At AACC 2021, NGeneBio introduced its NGS-based genetic disease / oncology kits (BRCA / HEME / SOLID / ONCO / HLA). BRCAaccuTest and BRCAaccuTest PLUS from NGeneBio are a reagent kit for producing libraries for analyzing BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes using the NGS method, which analyzes genomic DNA derived from blood or FFPE tissue. The kit is intended for patients with breast and ovarian cancer, patients with HBOC (hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome), and for family history or age of incidence of breast cancer.

They were also on display at NGeneBio’s HEMEaccuTest event for molecular genetic testing of multiple genes related to hematologic malignancy; SOLIDaccuTest to screen for variants associated with solid tumours using a comprehensive NGS method; HLAaccuTest All, which is an in vitro diagnostic medical device for HLA (human leukocyte antigen) typing that can identify high-resolution histocompatibility antigens using NGS; and ONCOaccuPanel, a comprehensive solid tumour oncology NGS test.

In addition, NGeneBio demonstrated its NGeneAnalySys software for analysis of genetic test data produced by NGS and helps to inform clinical grade for oncology tests, along with EasyHLAanalyzer which provides HLA typing that identifies human leukocyte antigen for histocompatibility antigens using NGS data. Also on display at AACC 2021 was NGeneBio’s NGenePlex nCoV qRT-PCR kit, which is a real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay reagent for the qualitative detection of SARS nucleic acid. -CoV-2 from infected patients. or suspected of COVID-19.


ONCOaccuPanel is a comprehensive cancer panel capable of identifying TMB (tumour mutational burden) and MSI (microsatellite instability) immunotherapy biomarkers using next-generation sequencing (NGS). The panel targets the 323 genes (225 full-coding exon genes, 98 partial exon / hot spots genes) associated with solid tumours. The NGS data produced with ONCOaccuPanel can be analyzed with the automated analysis software NGeneAnalySys, which allows the identification of all DNA variants (SNV, INDEL, CNV, SV, translocation).

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