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Genomic DNA Purification Kit

Thermo Scientific Genomic DNA Purification Kit is a simple and rapid system for high quality genomic DNA purification from various sources including: whole blood, serum, cell lines, bacterial cells, plant, and mammalian tissues.The kit is based on selective detergent-mediated DNA precipitation from crude lysate. The entire procedure is rapid only 20 to 25 minutes with…

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Plasmid DNA Purification

E.Z.N.A. Plasmid DNA Mini Kit I | Plasmid DNA Purification The E.Z.N.A.® Plasmid DNA Mini Kit I is designed to isolate up to 25 µg of high-quality plasmid DNA from 1-5 mL bacterial cultures in less than 30 minutes. Plasmid DNA purification follows the alkaline-lysis method and is simplified with HiBind® Mini Column technology into…